HOMEShop Information
「Yummy!」Enjoy the
melon gourmet park in Furano
TOMITA MELON HOUSE is a direct sales store that sold high quality melons
from Furano chosen by professional. Farmers choose the melon cultivated
carefully by high standard.
Let’s taste the original desserts made from melon, or fresh sliced melon, melon ice cream. We also sell melons and vegetables in season from Furano, can take away or send.
Business hours 9:00 - 17:00
Business period June - September 
※Be changed according to the weather or melon harvest.

Large and bright space.
Comfortable shopping space.

Direct sales store that sold high quality Furano melon chosen by professional. We also sell vegetables in season from Furano directed from the farms. You can choose the melon you like by yourself, if for gift or for yourself.


Taste the juicy
rich melon!

Taste our high quality Furano melon on-site! The sweet-smelling and good-tasting expand in your mouth. Please enjoy the melon at melon specialty shop.


Original melon desserts in Furano

Ice cream and drink made from Furano melon and Furano milk are array! We also have the menu used fresh melon pulp. You can taste at melon specialty shop only.

Fresh Melon Pulp Ice Cream

Melon ice cream with fresh sweet melon pulp on the top.

Melon Ice Cream

The original melon ice cream used ripe Furano melon juice.

Melon Smoothie

The fresh fruit smoothie mixed with fresh Furano melon pulp and ice.

Special Melon Smoothie

Enjoy the fresh melon pulp, ice cream, and smoothie at once.

Melon Milk Shake

Fresh melon mixed with milk, and melon pulp on the top.


Our dessert shop is
full of sweet-smelling.

Our dessert shop is always full of sweet-smelling around the building. You can buy the desserts used many carefully selected melons only here. The best seller is freshly baked melon bread. We provide two kinds of bread, red melon and green melon bread which made from ripe melon puree. You can enjoy the sweet-smelling and good-tasting!

Melon Bread(Red & Green Melon Cream)

Used Furano melon puree, the skin tastes crispy, inside of the bread is soft and filled with melon cream.

Melon Omelette

The sponge cake is filled with melon whip and melon pulp.

Melon Souffle

Soft cake is filled with melon cream.

Melon Pudding

Used melon juice, you can enjoy the melon smelling and the tasting.

Melon Baumkuchen

Used melon juice, the pastry chefs bake baumkuchen carefully to make it delicious.


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Walk from the Nakafurano station:about 20 minutes.
Walk from the Lavender-batake station:about 10 minutes.
From Asahikawa airport:about 50 minutes.
From Shinchitose airport:about 3 hours.(Douou highway, through the Mikasa IC)
The closest airport:Asahikawa airport
Furano Bus(Lavender Bus)
Asahikawa airport to Nakafurano station:about 50 minutes.
Furano station to Nakafurano station:about 12 minutes.
The closest station:Lavender-batake station(Furano line, seasonal) Nakafurano station(Furano station)
Asahikawa- Biei- Lavender-batake station or Nakafurano station
Sapporo- Takikawa- Furano- Lavender-batake station or Nakafurano station
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